Thursday, April 26, 2012

walaupun kecil, nilainya tetap sama

Our Diary tells us who we are
Or who we want to be
Its a mirror to our life
and our colorful personality

Captured in it are moments of life
It feel best to share among us
From secret crushes & wishes
More exciting, fair and honour

It keep us comfort in trouble

Like a soft pillow under our head when sleepy

With ease, our loneliness you erase

You cooled our anger

You can fill what we wanted in Your good ways
You bring us in the right side
You promised us a peaceful Heaven

Your writing full of meaning
Your writing touched us
When we read you, alike your word flow in us

*sebuah diari yg besar boleh kita bawa ke manamana..kenapa bukan diari Tuhan ni ?? =.='

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