Monday, March 19, 2012

playing ?

 LOVE without knowing each other ?
its like some people said 'date after a marriage'
hahahaa...some might be thought i was gedik-ing rite..
yea yea babling babling wateva to ols !

bAbY, iF u rEaLLy wAnt mE sO dOnT pLay a GamE
i ProMisE i WonT be You aS a gaMe...

yOu'Ve bEEn caLLinG aLL dAy
i'Ve bEeN cALLinG u aLL niGht Long-ER *28sen evry 10mins dear :D

it's not about time dear

wE  hAVe aLWaYs  mMs
we'VE  bEEN  wEbcAm-iNg  eVerY  wEEk

leT's tExTiNg aLL dAy nOn-sTOp
kEEp hAvInG swEEt RomAnTiC tALk
Let'S hAvE sWeeTbiTTeR sULk n FiGhT

kEEp miSS-inG eAch oTheR
kEEp lOvE-InG aLL tHe TimE

kEEp sEE-iNg...mE n U
kEEp mEEtIng mE...aLwaYs !

yUo'r tHe bEsT
yOU'r tHe oNe fOr me 
yOu'R ThE pRinCe

 !! and !!

u mAkE mE fEEl.....i'M tHe BeSt
i'M The oNlY OnE  fOr Yuo
i'M yOuR pRiNceSS

miSS yOuR 'hOdOh' sMiLe
mIss YoUr hOt eMbRaCe
miSS MiSs mISS yoU a LoTtTttT !

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